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Capturing iconic Newport Beach and beyond: Lower Trestles 

Capturing iconic lower trestles

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Artwork by Don Krotee

One of the iconic things about Newport is its rich culture of surfing. Although each of Newport’s piers and the river jetty have their great breaks (surfing spots), San Onofre State Park, Trestles, Church and Middles has some of the best in the world. However, when the swell and wind are complementary, there’s nothing better than Lower Trestles. The break is accessed along the San Mateo Creek (an ancient settlement) but completely undeveloped. The waves break off a round rocky bottom, shaped into a point configuration, carved in the two El Niño rain torrents in 1982-1983. The painting was a commission by an old surfer and exhibits the perfect offshore winds, perfect shape and morning vantage point of the tall bluff. This scene was painted on 300# Fabriano rough surface paper, 15” x 20” rough finish.


Don Krotee is a 36-year resident of Newport Beach, a member of the 2000 General Plan Advisory Committee, a Corona del Mar Residents Association member and a board member of SPON. Krotee lives in Corona del Mar, is an architect, a sailor and a fine artist who has been drawing and painting from an early age. He provides “Stu News” color prints of his original drawings and paintings from iconic Newport Beach and around the world.

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