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Volume 8, Issue 8  |  January 27, 2023

Seal pup, who washed ashore several months ago, is fully rehabbed and released to the ocean

A northern fur seal pup, who made waves last October after washing ashore in Newport Beach, was returned to the water over the past weekend.

Severely emaciated and dehydrated at intake, the seal had also suffered multiple lacerations on her face and flippers. Her rehabilitation took place at Pacific Marine Mammal Center (PMMC), a not-for-profit veterinary hospital in Laguna Beach that rescues and rehabilitates sick and injured seals, sea lions, dolphins and whales that wash up along the 52 miles of Orange County’s coastline.

Seal pup who washed ashore SNN & SNL 1.24

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Courtesy of PMMC

Sweet P awaiting a return to swim free again

“Sweet P’s release exam showed that she more than doubled her weight since arriving at the hospital and is in good physical condition,” said Associate Veterinarian Dr. Kaylee Brown. “Today we are taking her two miles offshore to the continental shelf, placing her closer to a northern fur seal rookery on the Channel Islands.”

Sweet P did not hesitate to jump into the ocean as soon as her kennel door was opened, displaying the same confidence and exuberance that made her one of the most popular animals among guests at the facility. After Sweet P’s release, PMMC has 19 patients, all California sea lions. The number of patients and variety of species is expected to increase as “stranding season,” the time of year when young pups are weaned from their mothers, approaches.

Pacific Marine Mammal Center is located at 20612 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beach.

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