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Balboa Island Museum Newport Beach displays works by Dottie Siemon, come meet the artist on February 14

Dottie Siemon, 96, a local artist who has lived on Balboa Island for 48 years, took up painting at age 65. Since then, she has attempted to paint everything in her path, including every surface in her home. Her husband used to say, “If you come in the house long enough, you’re gonna get painted.”

Her colorful art can be found on every surface in her home and extends

to note cards, rocks, chairs, tables, cabinet and paintings of friends’ houses.

Soon her hobby became profitable when she sold her paintings for 10-15 years locally at Heart of the Island on Marine Avenue.

Balboa Island Dottie and art

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Dottie Siemon standing near her colorful exhibition

Balboa Island For the Love of Dottie

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“For the Love of Dottie…” is on display in the Gallery through the beginning of March

Balboa Island Dottie paintinng

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Dottie Siemon (in yellow sweatshirt) painting in the Balboa Island Museum Newport Beach

Balboa Island has benefited from Siemon’s artistry also. Many years ago, she volunteered to paint every clay pot around the perimeter of the Island. With a wagon-load of paint and brushes, and using primary colors, the pots were decorated and signed. Many are still visible today.

On Tuesday, Feb. 14, celebrate Siemon and her artwork during a Sweets and Treats get together at 2 p.m. Come view the colorful exhibition, For the Love of Dottie…at Balboa Island Museum Newport Beach. Her art is being displayed now through the beginning of March.

Balboa Island Museum Newport Beach is located at 210 B Marine Ave., Balboa Island. Museum hours: Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. and Friday through Sunday from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. There is free general admission on all days. Two-hour parking is available on Marine Avenue.

For more information, visit www.balboaislandmuseum.org.

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