California Inclusive Sailing hosted their 4th Annual “Inclusive Day on the Bay”

On Sunday, Sept. 25, California Inclusive Sailing (CIS), Newport Sunrise Rotary Club and the Lido Yacht Club Junior Board hosted their 4th annual “Inclusive Day on the Bay” at the Lido Yacht Club.

Fifty-seven people dedicated their Sunday to help people enjoy sailing on Newport Harbor. Volunteers from the PIMCO Foundation sailed with Special Olympic Athletes on the fleet of adaptive boats. Each boat was s equipped with a net and bag used to catch floating debris.

California Inclusive Ventures

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Photo by Christian Buhl

Two “RS Ventures” race downwind on Newport Bay during the 4th Annual “Inclusive Day on the Bay” 

They also conducted their first inclusive youth tennis clinic. Christian Buhl, founder of California Inclusive Sailing, greeted the group with this message, “With the right team, the right tools and at the right time, you can really accomplish your dreams. Find your purpose and never stop dreaming.”

Buhl then presented Lido Yacht Club Junior Vice Commodore Chase Decker with a new 16-foot RS Venture Adaptive Sailboat and a transfer lift. After rotating between the bay and the tennis court, a fun barbecue was enjoyed by all.

California Inclusive Sail on the Bay

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Photo by Christian Buhl

“Inclusive Sail on the Bay,” 2019 with PIMCO Foundation volunteers

California Inclusive Sailing is a grassroots volunteer-based organization that promotes inclusive outdoor recreation. Their motto is, “Harness the wind, soak in the sunshine and lift your spirits.”

A special thank you to the volunteers for all the time they dedicate to help those in need. 

California Inclusive CdM

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Photo by Christian Buhl

Sailing past Corona del Mar

You can follow CIS’ story on their Facebook page at “California Inclusive Sailing Newport Beach.”