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Volume 7, Issue 78  |  September 30, 2022

Hoag receives largest single gift in its history – $106 million

Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian announced the largest gift in its nearly 70-year history – $106 million from the estate of Audrey Steele Burnand. Hoag officials said the unprecedented gift will be used to significantly expand the hospital’s world-class health care research and treatment capabilities as it steadily climbs into the ranks of America’s top medical institutions.

“The Steele family’s decades of generosity, continued by the Audrey Steele Burnand estate, have benefited the Orange County community in immeasurable ways,” said Flynn A. Andrizzi, Ph.D., president of the Hoag Hospital Foundation. “Through this remarkable gift, they once again have demonstrated their compassion for everyone who needs outstanding medical care. I can’t think of enough words to properly express how moved all of us at Hoag are by their generosity.”

Hoag Hospital Newport Beach

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Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian Newport Beach

The major gift from the late benefactress’ estate brings her family’s legacy of giving to Hoag to more than $134 million. Audrey Steele Burnand, who passed away in 2020, was the daughter of Harry and Grace Steele. In the early 20th century, Harry Steele guided the U.S. Electrical Manufacturing Company into one of the nation’s leading motor manufacturing companies; it eventually merged with Emerson Electric Co. The Steele family’s unparalleled history of financial giving to Hoag dates to the 1960s, with early contributions directed to cancer and cardiology research and treatment.

“Hoag has evolved into a technologically advanced organization that prioritizes patient-centered care, innovation and research,” said Robert T. Braithwaite, president and chief executive officer of Hoag. “Hoag is able to maintain those attributes by keeping its focus and resources local and maintaining our commitment to ensuring that no one needs to leave Orange County to receive world-class, comprehensive, compassionate care.”

Braithwaite said the gift will help fuel Hoag’s commitment to significantly expand its compassion-based health care services and programs throughout Orange County.

“Simply put, we’re driven to achieve the highest level of medical standards and outcomes for our patients and this gift will help us achieve that goal,” Braithwaite said. “We’re inspired by the support we continue to receive from the community as we help to not only offer the latest advancements in care but to discover them.

“Through the decades – since it first opened its doors in September 1952 – Hoag has grown beyond its founders’ original vision,” Braithwaite noted. “Yet, even as Hoag embarks on its next chapter, the one thing that hasn’t changed is its culture of excellence – our investment in cutting-edge technology, our recruitment of renowned physicians, our compassion for everyone who entrusts us with their care. These things continue to guide us in service of our founding ideal: The concept that our patients come first. We’re honored that the estate of Audrey Steele Burnand shares this ideal and has chosen to join us on our journey into the future of health care.” 

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